The Center for Endometriosis Care would be nothing without our terrific people, who contribute to our compassionate team efforts and continuous care every step of the way. From administrative to management to education to research to surgery to finance, ours is truly a family team - and our patients become part of that family, too. Meet our management,  operations, surgical and office teams behind our surgeons who are here to help you every step of the way, any way they can.

Anna Dorris (below left) is the CEC’s Office Manager. She is originally from Atlanta and grew up in Marietta, GA. Anna attended the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 3 1/2 years with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She resided in Austin, TX for 8 years before moving back home. Previously, she was the Operations Manager for a retail chain. Anna loves college football (Hook em' Horns!), yoga, hiking and camping, music and helping others. She has an affinity for health, fitness and wellness, and also loves animals (including her two adorable puppies). Anna began working for Dr. Sinervo and the Center for Endometriosis Care in January 2016. Since that time, her expertise, leadership capabilities and dedication to our practice and patients led her to be quickly promoted through the ranks; from the First Chair position, to Surgical Scheduler, to Office Manager. "All of the CEC staff, from our surgeons to the front office, are truly amazing individuals," she states. We think she is an amazing individual, too, and we're so glad to have Anna managing our office team and helping our patients!

Jean Williams, Surgical Care Coordinator (below right), has been at the CEC since we were founded. Her tireless commitment to helping our patients is unrivaled! Jean helps you plan your surgery with us, assists in navigating the technical aspects of your case, coordinates all aspects of your care, and so much more. She is known far and wide for her vast expertise, and is incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and efficient. Our patients know that her warm, compassionate care will help them to feel reassured throughout the entire process - before, during and long after surgery with the CEC team. If you have questions, Jean knows the answers.

Marilyn Novak, RN (below right) and Britney Massey, BS (below left) comprise our wonderful, award-winning nursing team. From doing your exams and triaging your calls to performing charting and medication tracking, Brit and Marilyn provide superb clinical care to our patients. Each has years of expertise and experience, and their dedicated caregiving will reassure you as you work with them on your treatment plan and health needs from preop until long after your surgery. Our clinical staff is second to none!

Alex Frank (left, top), Chan Collier (middle, top) and Arielle Frank (right, top) are the first smiling faces our patients see when they visit the office, and their comforting voices will take your calls to assist you anytime. Their warm and sunny dispositions will put you right at ease as they care for you before, during and after your appointment and surgery with us. Whether you need help with records, reports, appointments or anything at all related to your care, they will be happy to get it done for you. Beth McRoberts (left, bottom) is our insurance expert. Also an original CEC team member, she brings decades of compassionate experience to all of our patients, helping them every step of the way from benefits check to conducting your preop appointment to answering your post-operative insurance questions. Beth's gentle nature and kind spirit will bring you comfort. Terry Izen (middle, bottom) is our Billing & Claims Specialist. She brings her years of vast expertise to the CEC team and will work diligently with you along the way to assist with all financial aspects of your case in her warm, understanding and friendly manner. Our whole office team always has a sunny smile and a kind word for our patients!

Zuzana Lorinc, MMathPhys is the CEC's Business Administrator. Incredibly dynamic and highly skilled with a lifetime of corporate expertise, Zuzana holds dual, advanced degrees in both Mathematics and Physics. She brings her impressive management, business development, compliance and interpersonal experience to the CEC team and effectively manages our operations. Get to know her!

Our Certified Surgical First Assists, Julius Lorinc and Wendy Winer, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA, work in our operating rooms. Both bring an unparalleled level of surgical skill and decades of experience to our patients. Whether assisting Drs Sinervo and Arrington in the OR or speaking with patients after surgery, their compassionate expertise will reassure you that you are, quite literally, in good hands with our operating team.

Heather Guidone, BCPA has worked in the endometriosis community for nearly 30 years. She has garnered an international reputation for her tireless efforts to advance various clinical, advocacy, legislative, media, research, education and policy initiatives in the disease. Having joined the CEC over 15 years ago, she is very proud and grateful to work alongside Dr Sinervo and the entire Center team to assist patients every step of the way before, during and after their care - in a dedicated, compassionate manner that only an individual who has also experienced endometriosis, adenomyosis and infertility herself can do.