Since 1991, the CEC has served as a leading resource on endometriosis to the public, media and members of the press, universities/schools, students, hospitals, nursing schools, private practices, numerous professional and organizational representatives, oversight committees, legislative bodies, health educators and many others. We strive for progress in awareness, training and education related to the disease, and to debunk the persistent myths and misinformation which often appear in the lay and professional literature.

If you would like to speak with us regarding endometriosis, have us attend your event as presenters, fact check an article for you, or otherwise contribute to or assist you in any way at all, please just reach out and let us know. The CEC doesn’t have a ‘PR team’ or a ‘public relations rep’ as some physicians do - you speak directly to us, not an agent.

For the past three decades, our team has worked with all local, national and international electronic, print and broadcast media to elevate endometriosis to a priority public health platform. We are happy to field all medical, research and surgical technology inquiries and highlight ongoing news pertaining to our surgeons and staff on endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, patient engagement, health literacy, advocacy and education, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS), Laparoscopy, and a host of other related issues. We also welcome inquiries from endometriosis and women's health organizations, academic institutions and students, legislators, industry and payers, and of course our colleagues from all healthcare disciplines. Likewise, those who are hosting endometriosis events and are in need of educational speakers should feel free to contact us to discuss our involvement. We are always happy to contribute to worthy endeavors by presenting on the disease and its treatments for organizations, selected industry members, and those seeking to raise education and awareness in their communities.

We welcome inquiries from, and collaboration with, any journalists/reporters, writers/authors, credentialed press and all others who seek to promote the correct definition of and care for endometriosis and provide education about the vast scope of the disease in their articles/books/etc. Please direct your inquiries to Heather Guidone, the CEC Program Director, via email at (preferred method of contact) or by calling toll free line at (866) 733-5540.

The CEC is delighted to connect you to the best medical, surgical, socioeconomic information on endometriosis and more. Let us know how we can assist you today. It would be our honor and privilege to support you.