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We have several items in the Center's educational library including those from Dr. Sinervo, Dr. Kongoasa and Dr. Albee. If you do not see an article of interest, please contact us and let us know what information you’d like us to send you or feature. 

Endometriosis: Understanding a Complex Disease

Read the latest from dr. sinervo: the case for surgery for endometriosis

The cec is a proud sponsor of the endo what? school nurse initiative

Be sure to check out Dr Albee's new blog, full of use information and advice

endometriosis: hidden suffering of millions of women revealed (guardian article)

Guest Feature by Dr Sallie Sarrel: Preparing for Pelvic Floor Therapy

Excision of Endometriosis (LAPEX: the gold standard)

thoracic endometriosis

can endometriosis affect the sciatic region?

Is it endometriosis or ibs?

ovarian remnant syndromE

"managing expectations" - guest feature by susan pierce richards, msn, arnp, anp-bc, fnp-bc

does douching cause endometriosis??

Guest feature by dr jennifer hunt: the significance of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

An uncomfortable topic we should be talking about: Post-surgical Constipation

Use of bioregenerative medicine at the CEC: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (Vitagel)


Working with your local physician while seeking care at the CEC

Endometriosis and adverse pregnancy outcomes: the Danish Retrospective Study

Young Women & Endometriosis: Endometriosis in Teenagers

How are Hysterectomies Performed? How Does it affect Recovery?

What are the Indications for Hysterectomy? 

Pain Relief after Excision: What does Continued Pain Mean?

Post-Surgical Shoulder Pain: Why does this happen? What can you do about it?

Is My Endometriosis Coming Back?

Surgical Risks: What's the Big Deal?

Pain after Surgery: What You Can Expect

Adhesions Update

Contemporary Adhesion Prevention

Bowel Endometriosis

Endo Q&A With Dr. Sinervo

Endo and Abnormal Bleeding

Adenomyosis: Is It Really Endometriosis?

Lots & Lots of Menstrual Clots

The Cyst-Clopedia

Ovaries Post-Op:  Suppress Them or Not?

Work and Endometriosis:  Legal Issues - Endo & the ADA, guest feature by Laurie Smith, Esq.

The Partner's Predicament

Short Shots:

Dr. Albee On... Using the Pill for Endometriosis

Dr. Albee On... Going Back to your Doctor after the CEC

Dr. Albee On...LUNA

Dr. Sinervo's in-depth feature on Presacral Neurectomy CAN BE FOUND HERE

Dr. Albee On... Excision

Dr. Albee On... Lupron, Synarel, Zoladex and Suppressive Medications