A Note About Your Op & Path Reports Following Surgery:

Shortly after your surgery, an operative report is dictated by our doctors. That report is recorded and then slowed down for the transcribers to translate to paper. As each report is dictated, there are times when the transcribers may have to go back for corrections.

Alex handles all of the reports, so as they come in, she’s scanning them to make sure no additional corrections need to be made, i.e. procedures that need to be added, misspelled words, blanks, or other aspects the transcribers may have had a difficult time understanding or reading. In the uncommon case where corrections will need to be sent back to the medical records department, it can take some time to obtain the revisions depending what’s already in their queue and the severity of the case itself.

Please know we will work as closely with you as possible to get your reports to you in a timely manner. We apologize in advance for any unforeseen delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience with us as we do our best to get your reports sent to you as soon as possible.

If you have a follow-up appointment locally before the time your post-op packet arrives
, please feel free to call Alex at 770-913-0001 and provide her with your follow-up physician’s name and fax number as well as your appointment time/date. She can then fax them the most updated reports (i.e. path/staging) to facilitate your appointment (the patient can bring the color photos they were given after surgery; since they are in color, they cannot be faxed).

She will send you your completed and final, approved post-op packet in the mail once it is 100% ready. This packet will include two sets of everything: operative note, pathology report, staging sheet and another set of photos. You’ll see one side of the packet is for your records, and the other side is for your local doctor(s) for further follow up as needed.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Alex a call at 770-913-0001.  

We thank you once again for your confidence in our Center.
It is an honor to serve your healthcare needs.
We hope you have a speedy and comfortable recovery!