Disclaimer: No correspondence or materials should be considered party to any CEC doctor/patient relationship. We are unable to answer any specific medical inquiries for non-patients; please consult your personal healthcare providers regarding such matters. CEC patients may contact us anytime regarding their case at 770.913.0001. Thank you for your understanding.

HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY SO THAT WE MAY BEST ADDRESS & SERVE YOUR NEEDS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE BY PUTTING YOU IN TOUCH WITH THE INFORMATION YOU NEED OR BY CONNECTING YOU TO THE CORRECT CEC STAFF MEMBER RIGHT AWAY. MEET OUR STAFF FAMILY BY CLICKING HERE. Please understand that we are not permitted or able to respond to personal medical inquiries and questions from non-patients. To obtain our physician's opinions about your personal case and learn more about obtaining care with our Center, please consider registering and sending your files for review.

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If you're seeking to make an in-office appointment, please call 770-913-0001 to discuss dates and costs. Appointments are not made online. If you'd like to do our free review and phone consult, please read on.

Do you have inquiries on becoming a patient? Are you seeking to learn about our FREE case review? Have questions about insurance, costs, and technical aspects of your care with us? Please visit the following pages: - REGISTER* FOR YOUR FREE REVIEW - FAQS ON BECOMING A PATIENT & MUCH, MUCH MORE
*Please do not send us any records or documentation without having first registered with the CEC.

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…An existing patient who is experiencing urgent health concerns, call us immediately at 770-913-0001DO NOT email or contact us by social media. If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, please go directly to your local Emergency Room. Again - please phone our offices ('after hours' calls will go through our service, which will quickly connect you with the on-call staff member/surgeon) - please, again - do NOT post your concerns to us via social media, as that is not an appropriate or privacy-protected venue and we cannot respond to you via such method. Thank you for understanding.

…Calling from a hospital, healthcare provider, insurance or billing office and need urgent information, please call us at 770-913-0001.

...Looking to speak with someone about your upcoming scheduled surgery, please call 770-913-0001 and speak with Anna or Jean.

…An existing patient who simply needs to update your contact information on file, please click here to send us your new contact data.

...An existing patient who has billing questions? Please call our billing specialist Terry at 770-913-0001 or email

…A new or existing patient seeking to make an in-office appointment (for which there will be a cost), please call 770-913-0001; appointments are not accepted, made or canceled online.

…Seeking financial information prior to having your case reviewed, please note that we cannot discuss any costs until your insurance benefits (if any) are reviewed and your case recommendations have been made by the consulting surgeon.  Each patient's situation is unique and handled on a case by case basis.  We strive to make it a possibility for all patients to receive care with us to the extent we can, and thus fees can only be determined based on the patient's review and recommended procedures, along with personal financial and insurance details. All patients will be worked with individually after their initial consult and a surgical contract will be established before patients are scheduled to come to Atlanta. For more information about insurance and the CEC, please click here. Thank you for understanding.

…A member of the press, media or industry who would like to collaborate, obtain correct information on the disease, fact check a story on endometriosis or more, please contact Heather at 866.733.5540 or by email.

…An organization, school or other community resource seeking to contact us regarding endometriosis outreach and disease education, please contact us at 866.733.5540 or by email. We’d be delighted to provide you with materials or potentially attend your event. Be sure to also learn about our school nurse initiative collaboration with Endo What?

…Seeking Fellowship, Observership and/or MIGS Training information, pleaseread through for additional information and requirements.

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Still have questions? You can always email us anytime with any non-urgent concerns or questions and we will always be delighted to assist you. Urgent or case-specific matters must be phoned in to our offices so that we can best assist you at 770-913-0001. Please do not email us any urgent concerns or contact our staff via social media for personal health matters.  Thank you for your understanding and for allowing us to serve your needs.


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