Introduction to our Award-Winning Staff


Introduction to our Award-Winning Staff


The Center for Endometriosis Care would be nothing without our terrific people, who contribute to our compassionate team efforts and continuous care every step of the way. From our staff's administrative to management and education to research contributions, ours is truly a team that feels like family - and our patients become CEC family, too. Meet the team behind our surgeons helping you every step of the way, any way they can.

Anna Feiler, Office Manager, is originally from Atlanta and grew up in Marietta, GA. She attended the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 3 1/2 years with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Anna resided in Austin, TX for 8 years before moving back home. Previously, she was the Operations Manager for a retail chain. Anna loves college football (Hook em' Horns!), yoga, hiking and camping, music and helping others. She also loves animals, including her two adorable puppies. Anna began working for Dr. Sinervo and the Center for Endometriosis Care in January 2016. Since that time, she has been promoted from the First Chair position, to Surgical Scheduler, and now Office Manager. She is excited to lead such an amazing team of people, stating, "All of the CEC staff, Dr. Sinervo, Dr. Kongoasa and Dr. Albee are truly amazing individuals." We're so glad to have Anna managing our team and helping our patients!

Jean Williams, Surgical Care Coordinator, has been at the CEC almost since we were founded. She will help you plan your surgery with us and so much more. Jean is known for her vast expertise, and is incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and efficient. Her warm and compassionate care will help you feel reassured throughout the entire process - before, during and long after your surgery with the CEC team.

Marilyn Novak, RN, and Britney Massey, MA comprise our wonderful nursing team who will do your exams, triage your calls, perform charting and medication tracking, provide clinical care and so much more. Their dedicated caregiving will reassure you as you work with them on your treatment plan and health needs from preop until long after your surgery has been performed.

Alex Frank, MA, Arielle Frank & Holly Lenze (photo coming soon!) will help you however they can! Their warm and sunny dispositions will put you right at ease as they care for you throughout your appointment, handle your post-op paperwork and medical records, answer any of your office-related questions, and assist you in any way possible from booking your consult to completing your FMLA, disability or other paperwork. Their smiling faces will greet you when you come visit us, and their comforting voices will take your calls to assist you. Terry Izen (photo coming soon!), our Billing & Claims Specialist, brings her years of expertise to the CEC team and will work diligently with you along the way to assist with all financial aspects of your case in her warm, understanding and compassionate manner.

Zuzana Lorinc, MMathPhys  is the CEC's Business Administrator. Zuzana holds advanced degrees in both Mathematics and Physics, and she brings her vast management, business development, compliance, interpersonal and operations experience to our team. Get to know her!

Our Surgical First Assists, Dr. Julius Lorinc and Wendy Winer, RN, BSN, CNOR, RNFA, work with Dr Sinervo and Dr Kongoasa in our operating room. Both bring an unparalleled level of surgical skill and decades of expertise to our patients. Get to know them!

Heather Guidone is the CEC's award-winning Surgical Program Director and an internationally respected disease educator and advocate. She will work with you through every step of the process before, during and after your care with us - in a way that only an individual who has also experienced endometriosis personally can do. For the past 28 years, Heather has worked tirelessly with providers, patients, legislators, industry, organizations and international thought leaders to elevate endometriosis to a priority public health platform, and she has received several awards recognizing her contributions to countless awareness, education and research facilitation endeavors. She continues her efforts, including significant volunteerism, across the global endometriosis sector to improve the 'art and science' of care, support, policy change, research and treatment access for all.