Heather Guidone has been a central figure in the global endometriosis and women's health communities for nearly 30 years. Once called "one of the loudest voices in endometriosis," she is internationally known as a subject matter expert and for her tireless work on behalf of the worldwide disease community. She will compassionately guide you along your journey with our Center and help you navigate, understand, inform and empower your experiences with the disease. Heather is responsible for upholding the CEC's culture of patient-centric care and facilitating the Center's research, training and education, patient engagement, public policy efforts and much more. She also coordinates the CEC's busy Surgical Fellowship Program.

Throughout her career, Heather has specialized in 'bench to beltway to bedside' efforts encompassing disease and surgical education, clinical research, policy reform, patient-centered caregiving, health literacy, patient engagement/adherence and much more. Her priority focus remains on reducing the time to diagnosis and fighting for access to effective treatments in order to improve outcomes; collaborative network building among multidisciplinary providers; ensuring patient stakeholder representation across the fields of endometriosis and pelvic pain; and raising the profile of the disease among healthcare providers and the public. She is a Board Certified Patient Advocate, Health Educator, Clinical CME/Medical Writer, Research Co-Investigator/Coordinator and more - but most importantly, she is an individual who also struggled with and ultimately overcame advanced endometriosis and infertility.

Heather has volunteered her time and service to countless endeavors related to endometriosis for decades, and serves as a Board Member, contributor and reviewer for many organizations, journals and initiatives. A MIGS/pelvic pain educator and CITI-certified Research Co-Investigator, she strives for policy, payer and disease education reform in community, government, corporate, school/university, hospital, media and healthcare settings on both the clinical and consumer sides, ranging from Nursing Schools and Residency Programs to university, high school and elementary classes; for award-winning corporate wellness initiatives; among legislators, insurers and medical expenditure panels; in partnership with select non-pharma industry partners; and many others. She is routinely called upon by the media to represent the disease and lectures internationally. Heather is also a Certified Project Manager, and has achieved and maintains active Certification in Human Subjects & Data Specimens Research, including Clinical Trials Involving Drugs & Devices and Vulnerable Populations, from the CITI Program of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Above all else, Heather considers nothing more important than the patient connection. "All the science and med-speak in the world does not and will never replace empowering relationships with others who understand," she states. "We must also focus on enhancing patient's lives in a meaningful way through true, compassionate, interpersonal connections - sometimes, hearing 'I get it' is more powerful for an individual in that moment than any investigation that may be going on...sometimes, people just want to be heard and believed - and have someone say, 'it will be ok.'' She is also a Certified Clinical Health Coach trained in formal application of the Transtheoretical Model to Health Education, assisting individuals in securing a more empowered, patient-centered approach in their treatments by helping them to navigate and improve health literacy, shared and clinical decision-making skills and effective self-management.

She continues her tireless work to meet the domestic and international needs of the endometriosis community, contributing freely to like-minded initiatives with multiple collaborators in order to promote advances in the 'art and science' of the disease, which she has long maintained is more than just a 'women's health issue' - but a true social justice and human rights issue. She will do all she can to help any individual affected and believes in the power of transparent, agenda- and competition-free, apolitical collaboration across all aspects of endometriosis. She feels absolutely blessed and grateful to be a member of Dr Sinervo's team, which is dedicated and committed to improving lives through integrity, the highest of ethics, compassion and superlative skills. She invites contact from anyone wishing to learn more about the CEC via email at Heather@centerforendo.com or by calling the Center toll-free at 866-733-5540 (outside the United States, +770-913-0001).