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Robert B. Albee, Jr., MD, ACGE, FACOG - Founder Emeritus

Photo by Dan Martin

Background & Training

Robert B. Albee, Jr., MD is renowned as one of the world's foremost pioneers in Laparoscopic Excision of Endometriosis. It is through his vision and mission to leave a lasting legacy in endometriosis care that the CEC came to be.

Dr. Albee was awarded Certification in Advanced Operative Laparoscopy by the Accreditation Council for Gynecologic Endoscopy – one of the first 100 surgeons in the country to receive the honor.  Most recently, he returned from China, wherein he spent time in several Provinces throughout the country training many surgeons in advanced Excision of endometriosis using the C02 Laser.

An award-winning surgeon, Dr. Albee studied with leaders in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and use of the laser, both on this continent and abroad, and in turn has taught his techniques to countless physicians and surgeons all over the world. In 1991, he founded the Center for Endometriosis Care (formerly the Endometriosis Care Center) to execute his vision and leave an enduring legacy of providing compassionate, gold standard care to all those affected by the disease. Dr. Albee remains active in many medical societies, including the Medical Association of Georgia, the GYN Laser Society, the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists and the International Pelvic Pain Society. He is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Albee is also listed in Who's Who in Virginia.  He has received multiple awards for his humble, compassionate care of patients, including as a "Top 10 Doctor" and "Best of." He received his undergraduate degree from Hampden-Sydney College and earned his medical degree from the University of Virginia. He served his internship at Roanoke Memorial Hospital and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Virginia Hospital. Dr. Albee is licensed in Georgia and has been in private practice since 1976.

While he is no longer accepting new surgical cases, Dr. Albee is delighted to review your files, evaluate your case, see you in our offices, offer his expert opinion and assist any way he can in your care. Dr. Albee is also quite frequently sought after for his expertise by industry, media and the MIGS community, and stands ready to lend his knowledge.

Approach to Endometriosis

Dr. Albee approaches endometriosis unflinchingly. He works under the premise that all disease CAN be recognized - even in its subtlest manifestations - and, if one is willing to spend the time and refine one's operative skills, it CAN all safely be removed. 

As determined as he is to remove all endometriosis from a patient's body, Dr. Albee believes that such action is only part of the solution. Aesthetics are important to him, and he takes care to leave as small and unobtrusive a scar as possible. Dr. Albee reasons that he is involved with an individual's body for only a few hours, but they inhabit it their entire life. He is very aware that what he does in those hours, and how he does it, can have tremendous impact on quality of life.

He has collected outcome data on several thousand of his endometriosis patients, going back to 1991. To our knowledge, this is the largest ongoing study currently active on endometriosis excision follow-up. Future academic papers from this massive collection of data will be forthcoming.

Humanitarian Works

Dr. Albee has made multiple humanitarian trips to provide medical assistance to the Penan tribes in the Baram River area of Sarawak in East Malaysia. These trips have become a repeated occasion for global outreach. For many of the people he treats there, Dr. Albee is the only physician they see all year.


With satisfied patients who have come from every corner of the globe from England to Singapore, Hong Kong to Israel, and Venezuela to Italy, Dr. Albee truly is an internationally acclaimed surgeon.  A man who genuinely loves his work, Dr. Albee summarizes his attitude towards his profession this way: "I'm privileged to do what I do. My passion for treating women with endometriosis continues to grow each day."  His leadership by example serves as daily inspiration to the entire CEC staff and is the basis for the CEC's approach to successfully treating endometriosis and compassionately caring for those with the disease.

Though Dr. Albee is not accepting new surgical cases, he is always delighted to review case files and see patients in our office. Please call 770-913-0001 for an appointment with him. Dr. Sinervo performs all excision surgeries for the CEC.