Named to “America’s Best Physicians-2019”

Dr. Jeff Arrington is a widely recognized expert in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery and advanced excision of endometriosis.  Since his Fellowship training, he has continued to challenge his knowledge and surgical skills to help patients with "hopeless" cases of disease. His dedicated insight and compassion makes him a leader in endometriosis; he understands the frustration, hopelessness and fear that so many patients have experienced as a result of the disease - and he is prepared to help. He advocates for patients every day both in and out of his OR.

Dr. Arrington was born and raised in Ogden, Utah.  After completing all his training, he and his family were fortunate enough to move back home to start his medical practice.  Even with the joy and success he has found with gynecologic surgery and advancing endometriosis care, his greatest success is and will be his family.

Robotic Surgery for Endometriosis? Dr Arrington Explains

Dr. Arrington graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin. During medical school, he found an affinity for minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery and was drawn to Obstetrics & Gynecology after completing his medical school rotations.  Still, surgery was his favorite part. During residency in Phoenix, he found opportunities to learn from advanced laparoscopic surgeons and to push for advancement of laparoscopic procedures.  He was given an honorary membership to the AAGL for excellency in minimally invasive surgery during his third year of residency.

After graduating residency, Dr. Arrington had the incredible honor to study under the internationally renowned surgeon, C.Y. Liu, MD.  He spent a year operating side by side with one of the pioneers of gynecologic laparoscopy and during his fellowship, Dr. Arrington gained experience with all types of advanced laparoscopic procedures including but not limited to hysterectomy, pelvic prolapse, fibroid surgery and surgical excision of endometriosis.


After returning home, Dr. Arrington began practicing general Ob/Gyn with a focus on minimally invasive surgery.  Due to patient need and his desire to focus on pelvic pain and endometriosis, he stopped delivering babies years ago to focus on women’s surgery. Since 2005, Dr. Arrington has been instrumental in advancing minimally invasive surgical care across the state of Utah; he also personally performed many “firsts” for Utah state and the Intermountain Region.He was the highest volume robotic surgeon in Utah before moving to the Center for Endometriosis Care. 

The evolution of his practice to focus on advanced excision of endometriosis really was driven by patient need.  He was given the basic knowledge and understanding of surgical principles to treat this complex disease from Dr. Liu.  In practice he was able to continue advancing knowledge and surgical skill though focusing on endometriosis care. Ultimately, Dr. Arrington became an “endometriosis doctor.” He has developed a skill and comfort level to help the hopeless.  Dr. Arrington is a firm believer that the best treatment for endometriosis is full excision of all disease.  He also has a solid understanding of the purpose and limitations of any hormone therapies that many Ob/Gyn generalists use for endometriosis “treatment."

Since 2009, Dr. Arrington has been performing robotic surgery for endometriosis and other advanced laparoscopy.  He understands that the robot is merely a surgical tool and does not compensate for lack of knowledge or ability.  In fact, every procedure Dr. Arrington performs with the robot, he first performed with standard laparoscopy. His use of robotics allows him to sit rather than stand during surgery, allowing him to have less physical fatigue during long surgical cases. Some early studies suggest that detection of endometriosis may be improved with the robotic optics; this may result in less normal tissue being removed (still, clear benefit of robotic surgery over standard laparoscopy is debatable).  The key is the surgeon, not the instrument.  Nevertheless, Dr. Arrington is comfortable using multiple energy sources for removal of endometriosis.  These include electrical energy, scissors, and laser.  Regardless of the energy source, he performs advanced and meticulous excision of all disease.

Through his interest in endometriosis, Dr. Arrington has truly found his “happy place” with work.  He enjoys the challenge of difficult surgery.  He enjoys providing even slight hope to patients who have suffered with a difficult disease for far too long.  He enjoys the challenge of early management of endometriosis to prevent destructive progression.  Coming from a politically involved family, he also enjoys working closely with patient advocates to raise awareness of inappropriate management protocols for endometriosis. Dr. Arrington's compassionate bedside manner and expert skills have helped countless patients from around the United States and beyond. How can Dr. Arrington help you?